Amy Cashore Mariani, President

Ellen Waldorf, Vice President

Steve Bardige, Treasurer

Cassandra Munoz, Clerk

Sean Ahern

Jack Esher

Sheila Hubbard 

Elizabeth A. Leahy

Susan Holden Martin 

Advisory Board

James Grumbach, President Emeritus

Alisha Bloom

Chris Karam Brodie

Bill Boris-Schacter

Debbie Evans

Patrick Field

Vivian Hsu

Claudia Kaufman

Fredie Kay

Victoria Lazzell

Michael Leshin

Barbara Lund

Steven Manos

James McGuire

Cathy Mondell

Delphene Mooney

Edye Rulin

Eileen Scafidi

Steve Seeche

Rafaela Serrano

Jacqueline Sonnabend

Conna Weiner

Emily Weiner

John G. Wofford

Frank Zito

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