Conflict Management Training Workshops

Deal with Conflict Effectively: Tools for your Toolbox

For organizations and groups, skill-development for:

  • Agencies: managers, supervisors, line staff
  • Professional associations: such as in eldercare, human resources, social work, law
  • Schools: middles and high school students, faculty, and administrators
  • Colleges: residential life RA’s and professional staff
  • Youth groups: at-risk youth and youth workers

CDSC will customize an interactive, skill-based workshop and bring it directly to you.
The time frame is flexible with several options: 2 hours, half day, and full day.

Workshop Topics:

  • Understanding the dynamics of conflict
  • Common characteristics of people in conflict
  • Styles of responding to conflict
  • How conflict escalates: identifying factors
  • Strategies for de-escalating conflict
  • Intervention and prevention
  • Neutrality and dealing with bias
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Fostering teamwork and collaborative problem-solving
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Mediation overview: principles, process and mediator role

In Your Workplace:

Considerations as to how this workshop can benefit the workplace:

  • Are you looking for tools to help you become a better manager?
  • Is workplace conflict decreasing productivity and morale and increasing costs?
  • Have you dealt with a difficult situation that you wish had gone better?
  • Are you a member of a team where conflict and tension are hindering success?
  • Does your employer depend on you to quickly and effectively manage workplace conflicts and prevent them from escalating?

Workshop goals:

  • build in-house capacity to address costly and disruptive workplace conflict more effectively.
  • demonstrate the organization’s commitment to a harmonious work environment.
  • provide managers, senior management, project leaders and staff at all levels the opportunity to develop the skills needed to enhance high-performing teams.
  • special focus in working with residence life departments at local colleges and human service organizations.

On Campus Residential Life:

This workshop is designed for resident advisors, resident directors and student leaders who seek to enhance their ability to deal with sensitive residential life issues on the college campus.

The training is an ideal opportunity for colleges and universities to:

  • build in-house capacity to address disruptive and delicate student conflicts more effectively.
  • demonstrate the school’s commitment to a harmonious living environment
  • provide resident advisors the opportunity to develop conflict resolution skills.

Considerations as to how this workshop can benefit student life:

  • Are you looking for tools to help RA’s become more effective at managing conflict?
  • Are student conflicts disrupting residential life?
  • Have your RA’s dealt with difficult situations that you wish had gone better?
  • Does your school depend on RA’s to quickly and effectively manage student conflicts and prevent them from escalating?

This conflict management workshop is the ideal opportunity for resident life student as well as professional staff to acquire the vital skills needed to help build and maintain harmonious living environments.

Relevant experience: Boston College, Endicott College, MA College of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Mount Ida College, Pine Manor College, Salve Regina College, Tufts University

Youth in your School and in your Community:

CDSC trains students in middle and high schools to mediate peer conflicts. As mediators, teens acquire meaningful skills for handling conflict throughout their lives.

Past experience: For over 15 years, CDSC was a part of the mediation program known as SCORE (Student Conflict Resolution Experts) , co-funded by the Office of the Attorney General and the school. CDSC developed and supervised a very successful peer mediation program in at Northeast Metro Tech, a regional vocational school serving a diverse population of 1,175 students from 12 communities north of Boston.

CDSC trains at-risk youth and youth workers in community centers and after-school programs.

CDSC has customized training workshops for the following:
Boston Centers for Youth & Families, Cambridge Family & Children’s Services, Cambridge Housing Authority, Cambridge Police Department, Central Boston Elder Services, Digital Equipment Corporation, Fenway Community Health Center, Girl Scouts Patriots’ Trail Council, Habitat for Humanity Boston, Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services.

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