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Groups of people needing to work together or communicate, such as boards of directors, nonprofits, municipal agencies, businesses, members of housing communities, social change organizations or people on opposite sides of political issues, often find themselves working less effectively than they could, or in outright conflict over values, goals, identities, interests, roles and other basic issues.

How CDSC Facilitators can help

Using time-tested principles of constructive dialogue, we help groups in conflict carefully prepare for and structure meetings so that they can discuss their issues in a constructive way. We focus on strengthening working relationships so that participants gain an understanding of each other’s perspectives and can strive to seek a better way forward and resolution of the group’s key obstacles and issues.

Getting Started

Facilitation starts with an intake case assessment with a CDSC intake coordinator who then prepares the CDSC facilitators to understand the basic facts concerning the issues facing the group.

Preparation and Process

CDSC facilitators will then get to work to prepare for a productive and rewarding meeting. They collaborate with members of the group to identify the sources of conflict, the goals of the discussion and the desired outcomes, and to design a meeting structure that includes a framework for effective communication. Before the meeting, the facilitators will communicate with all participants so that they know what to expect during the dialogue and to help them prepare to take part constructively.

At the dialogue meeting itself,  CDSC facilitators assist the participants by setting the stage for a productive discussion and helping to  guide the conversation.  The facilitators will work to ensure that all participants have a voice in the discussion.

CDSC facilitation sessions typically require investment in preparation for the meetings and approximately 6-8 hours of meeting time which may occur in one session or multiple sessions. However, all situations are different, and we will work with the group to customize the sessions appropriately.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a process in which a Conflict Coach helps a client to manage conflict more constructively and effectively. Like other alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and facilitation, conflict coaching gives clients support while keeping them in control of decisions about their conflict situation.
Conflict coaching is a one-‐on-‐one process. Working with a Conflict Coach can provide be helpful to:

-Develop clearer understanding of the conflict situation
-Identify strategies and/or interaction skills to move forward and /or to approach the other person
-Practice skills for putting a plan into action
-Gain confidence and competence in how to manage and engage in interpersonal conflicts.

Conflict coaching can be a valuable alternate service (option) when one person requests mediation but the other person declines
Scheduling is very flexible, initially 2-one hour sessions and typically done by phone or on Zoom video.


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