Each year, CDSC's roster of over 60 experienced mediators serve an average of 1,000 clients, mediating some 350 cases. Overall, 75% of cases are successfully resolved through mediation. Our mediators come from a variety of backgrounds including the legal community, social services, education, business, and mental health, and contribute their services pro bono. They are highly trained and experienced in a variety of dispute resolution areas.

Our Mediators

Judy Abrams
Chris Affleck
Maria-Paz Avery
Mark Bamford
Barbara Beardslee
Martha Belden
Patricia Bernstein
Brian Blancke
Monique Bleriot
Chris Brodie
Melissa Brodrick
Halee Burg
Amy Cashore Mariani
Sarah K. Chase
Jeanne Cleary
Lynn Cooper
Janice Durham
Lydia Edwards
Dawn Effron  
Debra Filiurin
Jeffrey Fink
Cathleen Finn
Ruth Freedman
Kimberly Frizzi
Gary Gill-Austern
Frederick Golder
Steven Greenzang
John H. Hachem
Deborah Heller
Josh Hoch
Jane C. Hoffmann
Arline Kardasis
Roberta Kosberg
Audrey J. Lee
Jo-Ann Leinwand
Ruven Liebhaber
Steve Lilly-Weber


Stephen Linsky
John Maiona
Harry Manasewich
Miriam Mandell
Thomas Marton
Mindy Milberg
Steve Morr-Wineman
Amy Nee
Shippen Page
Cynthia Pasciuto
Paul Pedulla
Ana Carolina Riella
Richard Reilly
Cynthia Runge
Zachary Thorp See
Steven Seeche
Susan Sloane
Robert Smith
Ann Sullivan
Ellen Sullivan
Mark A. Sullivan
Gillien Todd
Robert Tuchmann
Kim Whelan
Fran Whyman
Justin Wright



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