We offer the following types of mediation:

Marital Mediation
Marital Mediation offers an alternative to counseling.

Divorce or Separation
Divorce mediation is almost always faster, less costly, and less divisive than traditional adversarial procedures.

Our mediators offer the understanding necessary to resolve a variety of conflict involving LGBTQ+ issues.

Elder Care
CDSC provides mediation services designed to families make decisions about how to manage the changing needs of older adults.

CDSC has helped hundreds of people to settle disputes and resolve problems having to do with where they live.

Consumer Disputes
CDSC mediates disputes between consumers and business owners, including store owners, suppliers, and contractors. We also mediate disputes between businesses and business partners.

Workplace Conflicts
CDSC mediates disputes between management and employees, between individual employees, and between departments or groups within organizations.



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