Mediation Practicum

For those who want to supplement basic mediation training with hands-on experience, CDSC offers a supervised mediation program. Newly-trained and less experienced mediators are provided an opportunity to:

  • Observe actual mediations.
  • Co-mediate with more experienced mediators.
  • Receive supervision and feedback to improve skills.

Getting Started

Choose to begin your Practicum with 5 or 10 sessions, with the option to extend your experience in 5-session increments. The schedule is flexible to meet your needs.
5 sessions Fee: $300
10 sessions Fee: $500 [$450*]
* Reduced fee is available for newly-trained mediators who participate in CDSC's Mediation Training and enroll within 2 months of completion.

Prerequisite: Mediation Training

How it Works

Mediation sessions are held mornings in various courts. The level of each court's case activity is unpredictable; some days there may be 3 or 5 cases, sometimes no cases. If you are accepted into the Practicum, you will be contacted by the Supervisor to set up your start date.

We offer a flexible schedule to accommodate your individual needs and interests. Fee is payable in full (or in installments by arrangement). Your Practicum begins with observing mediation sessions. When you and your Supervisor agree you are ready, you will co-mediate with your Supervisor or another experienced mediator. After observing and co-mediating, you will have the opportunity to debrief and ask questions, hear different viewpoints, develop an understanding of when and why experienced mediators intervene, explore impasses and strategies for resolution, and develop skills to critique your own and others' performances.

During your Practicum, you will hear about seminars, conferences, supervision opportunities and other community activities available at CDSC. Upon completion of your Practicum, you may apply to be an affiliate with CDSC to be on our roster of volunteer mediators.

Practicum Supervisor

Debra Filiurin is the District Court Supervisor for the Community Dispute Settlement Center and oversees the Practicum. Debra is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice. She is a REDRESS mediator for the US Postal Service and is on the faculty for MCLE's mediation trainings and with the UMASS/Boston Graduate Department of Conflict Resolution.

If you have questions or wish to observe prior to signing up, contact Debra Filiurin, District Court Supervisor, at 617-876-5376.

View the Practicum registration brochure


Divorce Mediation Practicum

This Divorce Mediation Practicum is for trained mediators:

- Who have completed advanced training in the subject area of divorce practice.

- Who are interested in hands-on experience in real divorce cases and in receiving supervision and feedback to develop/improve skills.

The Practicum provides opportunity to:

- Be mentored by a CDSC experienced divorce mediator.

- Co-mediate 6 sessions (1–2 divorce cases, as they vary in duration).

- Debrief each session with your co-mediator and receive feedback.

- Participate in 3 divorce-related Supervision Seminars over a 12-month time period, convened by/at CDSC.

Logistics: Mediations are held at CDSC’s offices in East Cambridge, typically daytimes (Monday–Friday) and evenings (Monday–Thursday), arranged to accommodate the parties’ scheduling needs.

Fee: $500

View the CDSC Divorce Practicum registration form


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