Bystander Intervention Training 
How to Intervene in a Conflict Situation
Techniques to reduce the impact of aggressive social behavior
Presented by Rona Fischman
Tuesday, April 25, 2017

All Bystander Intervention training includes how to intervene in public aggression situations. Given your physical type and presentation, gender, race, social status, geographic location, there are better and worse ways to intervene in a conflict situation. Learn how to identify a circumstance that requires intervention.  Learn your go-to interventions. Learn to choose the most effective tactic from your bag of tricks. Practice this with the group.
What Rona Fischman’s program adds is how to peacefully confront racism, sexism, LGBTQ-phobia, Islamophobia, or anti-Semitism with people that you know. It has been proven that people rarely change their minds based on learning from a stranger; it is people they know and respect who influence them.
This class teaches techniques for setting respectful limits with someone you work with, someone in your family, or someone you see regularly in your neighborhood. How you respectfully discuss ideas with people you disagree with varies based on who you are. We look at the strengths and pitfalls of your verbal style. We’ll practice ways to maintain your integrity while avoiding an argument with someone you disagree with. This is easier said than done, but by the end of the program, you’ll have some go-to techniques to increase your chances of successful dialogue. The course also reviews other actions, such as witnessing and video-making, in a general way. There is a counseling aspect to the program, aimed at preparing each participant to contribute to social justice in a way that suits their strengths and abilities

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Location: CDSC 60 Gore Street. Cambridge, MA 02141
Cost: $125
CDSC Pro Bono Mediators: $50 (Use discount code CDSCMEDIATOR2)
Only 24 spots available

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